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Colette Steckel is one of Mexico's most renowned jewelry designers thanks to her unique and creative techniques transforming the earth's natural stone flavors into exclusive, unique and magnificent designed luxury jewelry pieces. Born to a French-Mexican family, she first came into contact with stones at the age of thirteen, when the owner of a local workshop recognized her talent and produced her stone accessories. The fledgling jewelry line was received so well, that the workshop began exporting Colette's jewelry accessories to other countries and selling her pieces wholesale within her native country. Before long, Colette's accessories were decorating models walking down the runway at the world famous Prèt a Porter fashion show in Paris.

Now-a-days Colette has her own workshop in Downtown Mexico City, where she has been designing and creating her masterpieces for the past 15 years. She attributes her creative inspiration to Mexican pre-Hispanic images and culture as well as to her studies of French art and graphic design. Colette calls her main creative focus enhancing the natural light of stone and bringing to light multiple natural hues that have rarely been exposed before.

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